Seniors & Horses

My horse Lizard

Hello Seniors! 

       Welcome to my equestrian senior page! I wanted to create a page just for horses and the young women who love them. I love horses too, and have been horse crazy my entire life. I've been riding horses since I was seven years old. I started out riding western pleasure and trail when I was a kid (it looked a lot different back then) and then started to learn english when I was in my 20's. Eight years ago on Valentine's Day, I signed over the papers to buy my first horse. I am the proud mama of an appaloosa named Lizard. He is every dream I have ever had. 

      I have been professionally photographing horses since 2005. I started out my photography business by being an equine photographer. I used to do editorial photography and photographed for countless equestrian magazines. I have been published hundreds of times in equestrian magazines as well as on book covers, billboards, and magazine covers. I have covered major equestrian events from Rolex to the World Equestrian Games. I have been the official photographer for BreyerFest for nearly 15 years. This job was a dream come true as I have been collecting Breyer Model Horses since I was three.

I put together some of my senior equestrian photos below. I hope you enjoy them!


  • _59A5342
  • _59A6592
  • _59A0593 1
  • 8P3A4779
  • _59A6607
  • _59A6653
  • 8P3A0573
  • 8P3A0584
  • _59A9543 1
  • _59A5432
  • _59A6746
  • 8P3A0626
  • 8P3A1053
  • _59A9775
  • _59A6256
  • 8P3A8217
  • IMG_2747
  • _59A9942
  • IMG_3035
  • 8P3A8196
  • 8P3A1425
  • 8P3A4835
  • 8P3A7894 copy
  • _P3A5819
  • 8P3A4905
  • 8P3A5273
  • 8P3A0366
  • 8P3A7735 copy
  • 8P3A7789 copy
  • 8P3A0824
  • _59A0713
  • _59A6592
  • _P3A5981
  • IMG_3002
  • _59A9833
  • _P3A5767
  • _59A9495
  • _59A6863
  • 8P3A7922 copy
  • 8P3A0460
  • 8P3A0516
  • IMG_2998
  • _P3A6172
  • 8P3A8243
  • Untitled photo
  • _P3A5759
  • 8P3A1006
  • IMG_2888
  • _59A6479
  • Untitled photo
  • _59A6234
  • 8P3A7639 copy
  • 8P3A1144
  • 8P3A1380
  • _59A0504
  • _59A0126 1
  • 8P3A4870-Edit
  • IMG_2843
  • 8P3A1065
  • _59A9354
  • _59A6808
  • _59A0732
  • 8P3A0219
  • _59A5435
  • 8P3A7960 copy
  • _59A6515
  • 8P3A1185
  • Untitled photo
  • IMG_3053
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