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So you want to transform to a sweet and sexy Pinup from the 1940's but you don't know how? Fist you will have to start with an outfit. We do not provide any Pinup clothing. 

Pinup girl shoots ONLY work if you look like a pinup girl.

 You may be asking yourself, "how can I look like a pinup girl?" Let's start with clothing. You have plenty of options both local or online. The easiest way to look like a pinup girl is by shopping the following websites: Pinup Girl Clothing, http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/ Unique Vintage, http://www.unique-vintage.com/ ModCloth http://www.modcloth.com. There are a lot of vintage sites as well as Amazon that sells vintage clothes. I have found that one of the cheapest ways to look like a pinup girl is to shop local. (Lexington, KY) I just love Feather Your Nest, http://www.lexantiques.com/ and Street Scene, http://streetscenevintage.com/ Or as HOLLY (Pinup girl to the left - the one tempting you with cookies said) she shopped the local Goodwill stores. Other places like Forever 21 and Target, Old Navy had some vintage inspired outfits. Use your imagination. You may even find some clothing in your own closet that could be used. Hair and Makeup can make your regular outfit turn into a pinup outfit.

It's all about the shoes! Break out your high heals ladies. You are going to need a little high heal help to show off those legs! Practice your toe pointing skills!  

Here's a great page to help you with Pinup tips and tricks http://pincurlmag.com/pin-up-modeling-tips

Check out the Images of Pinup girls from one of the most well known pinup artists of all time Gil Elvgren, http://elvgrenpinup.com/elvgren_pics.html  for some inspiration to help create a look your going forr.

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