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                I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. My friends and family tell me that they always remembered me having a camera nearby taking photos and freezing time. Although that is true, I didn't become interested in professional photography till after I moved to Kentucky. I grew up horse crazy. My bedroom walls were filled with Breyer horses, my nights at my riding lessons, and my life at home was spent galloping around my living room floor pretending I was a horse. I moved to Kentucky in 2002 and I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Lexington, Kentucky is a horse girl's paradise. The first year here I went to every horse event that I possibly could with my point and shoot in hand.  I went to my first Breyerfest back in 2004. I was trying to take photos of the various horse acts in the dimly lit indoor arena of the Kentucky Horse Park. Each photo turned out to be a swirl of colors as horse and trainer moved about the arena floor. After the disappointment of of my photos from that event my husband bought me my first DSLR Camera. From that point on my passion for photography grew and grew. After a few years I wanted to turn my passion into a business so I decided to pursue a photography degree at a nearby university. In 2009 I received my Bachelors degree in Fine Art Photography from Eastern Kentucky University. 

              My story does not end there; it really begins at this point. I was shooting for horse magazines, major events like Breyerfest, and private shoots as well. I was shooting Rolex for USDF when I met a girl who did wedding photography. We spent the summer shooting brides. I really fell in love with weddings. In 2010 I joined up with a master photographer in Lexington and truly advanced my photography skills as well as my business knowledge. After spending years photographing weddings I began my own wedding division knows as Jennifer's Weddings

              Every day I fall in love with photography. I am always trying new styles of shooting and new things to shoot, averything to challenge myself and grow.  I have recently began shooting lifestyle images, senior portraits, and pinup. Each unique style of photography builds on the other. Shooting horses has prepared me for the quick pace and action of a wedding. Posing people at a wedding as helped with my portrait/lifestyle images. Understanding studio lighting with my Pinup photography has helped me to control lighting in all other areas of my photography. All of these areas of photography pour directly into my senior portraits.         

Jennifer Munson Photography is a husband and wife team that was founded in 2005. Jennifer Munson attends photography workshops all over the country, and has her Bachelors degree in Fine Art Photography from Eastern Kentucky University.

Jennifer Munson Photography is  based in Lexington, Kentucky.

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