"Jennifer did a stunning job with our daughters senior pictures! She captured Taylor’s personality through her pictures and created a fun and energetic photo session." - Stacy Fugate (Taylors mom)

~ Taylor | WCHS | Class of 2019

"Jennifer is really helpful during the whole photoshoot process, I was a little worried I wouldn’t know what kind of poses or things to do, and she guided it very well. she’s so sweet, and made the whole two hours so fun! there’s no one i would rather have done them. the pictures turned out so good! it was a wonderful experience."

 Dayne | WCHS | Class of 2019





"Jennifer is very professional, kind and easy to work with. Her photoshoot was creative and enjoyable. And I would recommend her to my family and friends. I would not hesitate to hire her again."

~ Yuni | WCHS | Class of 2019

"When I hired you to take my senior pictures I already knew I count trust you. You have such an eye for photography and you made me feel completely comfortable. You made my senior session so much fun." 

 Abby | Lexington Christian Academy | Class of 2019


22   _59A1814 1   Jennifer Munson Photography



"Jen’s artistry in photography is incredible. She did my senior session and made me feel at ease. She helped me with ideas on what outfits to wear and even made suggestions on what make up to wear for my photos. She made me feel at ease and coached me with different poses during our session. I was extremely happy with my senior photos and hope we can do family photos with Jen again too." 

 Alyssa | Henry Clay High School | Class of 2019

"Absolutely loved my senior pictures and I completely adore Jennifer Munson! She is extremely talented and made the entire experience so enjoyable. Each picture really captures my individuality and I truly think that is because of her great skills."

~ Amber | WCHS | Class of 2019





“LOVED how my pictures turned out! Jennifer was easy to talk to and made it super comfortable throughout the shoot. I loved the edits she used on my photos. I definitely recommend Jennifer Munson for any type of photo shoot! She is the best!”

 Anna | Anderson County High School | Class of 2019

"We had so much fun! Jen made me feel incredibly special and created an experience to highlight my unique and personal interests that define me as a senior. She captured one of the most important times of my life in the most beautiful, artistic way. The pictures speak to me because Jen took the time to capture me, as Emma, and did not take generic senior poses. I treasure the memory of the photo shoot and the moments captured on film. Jen is a talented artist, and I am so grateful to have had her photograph my senior portraits."

 Emma | Lafayette High School | Class of 2019





"Jen was so much fun to work with! Shooting my senior pictures was definatly a highlight of my senior year. I loved all the pictures from the shoot and would hire her again in a heartbeat!" 

~ Abigail | WCHS | Class of 2019

"Jennifer's pictures are amazing. Before my shoot she was there providing tips and advice for making the pictures turn out the best they could be! She is extremely flexible about scheduling and was super fun to work with! I would highly recommend her."

~ Anna | WCHS | Class of 2019





"Talented photographer who is a lot of fun and knows how to put her clients at ease!"

~Katelyn | WCHS | Class of 2019

"Jennifer was so sweet from the beginning and instantly made me feel comfortable. I never wanted the shoot to end because I was having so much fun!"

~ Catherine | WCHS | Class of 2019 


JM _59A8393



“When trying to decided on my senior pictures, I chose Jennifer Munson Photography. Jennifer is so kind and has a true passion for photography. The photo shoot was very lively and fun! I’m so glad that Jennifer was able to do my photos, they are all so amazing! I’ve recommended her work to many of my underclassman friends.”

~ Cassandra | Lexington Catholic | Class of 2018

“Never have I ever been so thankful and grateful for hiring someone to take my senior pictures as I was for Jennifer! She is so incredibly kind and a magician behind the camera. I will cherish these photos forever and I couldn’t imagine having them taken by anyone else. You will not regret choosing Jennifer Munson Photography!”

~ Makayla | WCHS | Class of 2018





"I am so happy that I hired Jen! She's so much fun to work with and very very easy to talk to. Plus her photography is amazing!!"

~ Annie | WCHS | Class of 2018

"Hiring Jennifer was defiantly one of the smartest decisions me and my family have ever made!! I enjoyed doing my senior pictures so much and loved the way they turned out!! Jennifer was patient with my family and bringing my dog along for the pictures. We loved her so much that we had to hire her to do my prom pictures!! I am so happy we chose Jennifer. We will be using her again when we need more stunning pictures!!"

~Isabella | Bryan Station High | Class of 2018


_59A6268 1



"Hiring Jennifer for my senior pictures was the best decision! She has so many good ideas and is so energetic, which made my pictures turn out so good! I had such a fun time working with her, and absolutely LOVED how my pictures turned out."

~ Hannah | East Jessamine High School | Class of 2018

"Jennifer was so easy going & made me feel so comfortable during my senior shoot! The pictures were amazing, I loved them all!"

~ Paden | WCHS | Class of 2018





"Jennifer was so accommodating. I booked my senior photos at the last minute. She made my pictures so memorable. I appreciated every effort she put forth, because she understood that my specific situation was so last minute, and probably so difficult for her to deal with. Nevertheless, my pictures came out amazing!" 

~ Sean | WCHS | Class of 2019

"My senior photos turned out better than I ever would have imagined! Loved working with Jennifer she made the whole experience worthwhile! I will always remember her encouraging words as she took my pictures. It was such a fun time!" 

~ Anna | Lexington Catholic High School | Class of 2018




_59A8046 1

"I was referred by a friend and I was so glad I went with Jennifer to do my senior photos. The photoshoot was incredible! I had a wonderful time and will recommended to all my senior friends!"

 Mollie | Lexington Catholic High School | Class of 2018

"“I am so happy my mom hired Jennifer Munson! Not only did she come up with awesome ideas for my shoot, but she was also really good at recreating images I had saved for inspiration. She’s outgoing, bubbly, and personal which makes her so much fun to work with! She truly makes you feel like a star!”

~Morgan | WCHS | Class of 2017


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